Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. Purpose
The purpose of this clause (Terms and Conditions) is to define the services (all services provided by the Company for use by its customers or members through various digital devices or programs such as PC, multimedia mobile, etc.) provided by AfreecaTV (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) and the use terms & procedure of the service between the Company and its customers (or members), the rights and duties of the Company and its members, responsibilities and other necessary matters.
Article 2. Effect and change of terms
①These clauses shall be posted on all internet services provided by AfreecaTV Co., Ltd.
The Company may change these clause to the extent that it does not violate the relevant laws such as Act on the regulation of terms and conditions, Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Networks Utilization and Information Protection etc., and in case of change of clause, after deciding the effective(enforcement)date & contents, and shall notify at least 7 days before the effective date (or 30 days if the change is disadvantageous or important to the user), and the existing user shall be informed of the changed terms for a considerable period of time with an explanation of what is being changed and the reason by e-mail or text message. The modified terms will be effective as of the effective date of disclosure or notice.
②The user has the right not to agree to the changed clause, and if the user does not specify his/her intention to refuse the changed terms within 10 days from the effective date (30 days if it is a disadvantageous or significant change to the user), the user is deemed to have agreed to the change.
③ In the event of any conflict between clauses stipulated in this agreement and the Individual Service Terms the provisions of the Individual Service Terms and Conditions shall prevail.
Article 3. Application of terms
The matters not specified in these clauses shall be in accordance with the separate detailed terms, commercial custom, company announcement, usage guide, and related laws and regulations.

Chapter 2. Signing contract of usage

Article 4. Classification of services
① The "Service" provided by the Company to its users is divided into free service and paid service.
②The types of free services and paid services, and how to use them, are governed by these Terms and Conditions or defined separately in the notice or user guide.
③The service utilization level is based on the usage level information displayed on the initial screen of the content and the Company may restrict or make limits according to age abidance under the Juvenile Protection Act.
Article 5. Establishment of the contract of usage and contracting unit
①The usage contract is established by the customer’s application of use and the consent of the Company
②The usage contract is concluded by each individual ID.
③The contract for the use of special services, such as a mass transfer of the services, is a separate agreement.
④The minimum technical specifications for members to use paid services are based on the recommended specification information posted on the home page.
Article 6. Application of use
①The user who desires to use the service (hereinafter referred to as applying user) must fill in the items requested by the Company on the prescribed application form by Internet access and apply for use.
② The Company shall notify information of these Terms and Conditions to the applying customers
③By clicking on the accept button at the bottom or by checking the checkbox and applying for use, the applier is considered to agree to these Terms and Conditions.
④The application for use shall be made under the real name of the applying user.
⑤A member or an applying user who wants to join as a member can use the service through the identification procedure provided by the Company. Users who are not registered in the real name of the user can not assert any rights.
⑥ All IDs of members who have applied by using other people's information (such as I-PIN and mobile phone information) will be deleted.
⑦ If an applying user is under 14 years of age, or a quasi-incompetent, he/she can apply for use by obtaining the consent of his/her legal representative (parent, etc.).
⑧ In the case of the preceding paragraph, the application for use should be made with the agreement form attached.
Article 7. Approval of application of use
① The Company shall, in accordance with the preceding article, accept the application for use without delay if it has no business or technical obstacles to the application.
② When the Company accepts the application for use, the Company shall notify the user the following items through service or by means of e-mail.

1. ID
2. Matters concerning the protection of rights and duty of users
3. What other users should know when using the service

Article 8. Non-approval and suspension of approval for application of use
① The Company may not accept the application for the following issues.

1. Application in the name of another person or non-real
2. An application requesting an existing ID or an ID that offenses public order.
3. False application or false documents attached
4. If the applier does not make the necessary payment to the Company
5. Other cases where the acceptance of the application is difficult due to the reasons for the applying user

② The Company may, if there is any reason falling under any of the following subparagraphs, suspend consent until the cause is resolved.

1. If the Company does not have sufficient facilities
2. If the service is defective

③ The Company may suspend acceptance of the application for use without the consent of the legal representative (parent, etc.) when the applying user is under 14 years of age or a quasi-incompetent person.
Article 9. ID creation, etc.
①In principle, the Company will grant the ID as requested by the applying user.
②In principle, the ID cannot be changed.
③ In the event that the IDs fall under any of the following, the Company may discontinue providing the service to the user and recommend to use a new ID.

1. If the ID is registered as a user's phone number or resident registration number, and there is a concern about invasion of privacy
2. If the ID offenses public order or good morals
3. If there is a reasonable cause for the protection of the user

Article 10. Date of commencing service
The date of service opening will be the date of acceptance.

Chapter 3. Obligations of parties involved in the contract

Article 11. Obligation of the Company
① The Company shall promptly process any comments or complaints from users that it considers appropriate. However, if it is difficult to process promptly, the reason and resolution schedule should be notified to the user by e-mail.
② The Company shall immediately restore equipment in case of any failure or loss occurs in order to provide continuous and stable service, and may suspend the provision of all or part of the service without notice when any of the following occurs. In this case, the reason and suspension period will be posted to the user without delay.

1. If the Company is inevitable for urgent system inspection, expansion, replacement, maintenance or construction of the facility
2. If the Company deems it necessary to replace it with a new service system
3. If it is impossible to provide normal service due to the failure of the system or other service facilities, failure of cable or wireless network
4. In case of force majeure as natural disaster, national emergency, blackouts and etc.

③ The Company endeavors to provide convenience to its users in terms of the procedures and content of contracts with users, such as the conclusion of contracts for use, changes to contracts and termination of contracts.
Article 12. Privacy protection
The Company attaches importance to the privacy information of users and abides by related laws such as Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Networks Utilization and Information Protection etc., Personal Information Protection Act and Telecommunication Business Act. The Company will disclose the purpose of the privacy information provided by the customer through the personal information protection policy and what measures are being taken to protect the personal information.
Article 13. Obligation of user
①When applying for use through registration, the user must fill out the application form based on facts. If a member registers false information or other person's information, the member cannot assert any rights to the Company, and the Company shall not be held responsible for any damages caused by it.
②The user shall comply with the matters stipulated in these Terms and Conditions, and any other regulations stipulated by the Company and the matters notified by the Company. In addition, the member shall not engage in acts that interfere with the work of the Company or damage the reputation of the Company.
③ Members must abide by relevant laws such as the Juvenile Protection Act. If a member violates related laws such as the Juvenile Protection Act, he/she will be punished according to the applicable laws.
④ Members must correct address, contact information, e-mail address through online if there are any changes. Members are responsible for any failure to correct or delay the modification.
⑤ Members must manage their own ID and password. The Company is not responsible for any problems caused by negligent management by members.
⑥When selecting members ID, nicknames or other names used within the service, you should not use any of the followings.

1. Impersonating the official administrator of the services provided by the Company or causing disruption to other users by using similar names
2. Use of name containing sensational and obscene information
3. Use of names that may infringe third party rights such as trademarks and copyrights
4. Use of names that are considered slang, antisocial and contrary to relevant statutes

⑦ Members may not sell or donate their contractual status to others, and may not provide intangible assets as collateral unless they have express consent from the Company.
⑧ Users shall not use the services provided by the Company for purposes other than the original use of the game or service. Users shall not engage in any of the following acts, and if you do so, you may not use the services in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and the operating policies announced for each service, the Company may impose sanctions including restrictions on the use of services by users, legal remedies such as deleting IDs and actions (accusation) by investigators.

1. Falsify personal information when registering or changing membership
2. Steal or misuse personal information of others
3. Sell or buy cyber assets such as user ID with others
4. Impersonate an administrator or employee of the Company
5. Change the Company's client program, or hack the Company's server
6. Abuse bugs in Company programs
7. Using services as a business without prior approval of the Company.
8. Harass, intimidate, or otherwise cause harm or discomfort to other users
9. Modify the client program of each service without authorization from the Company, hack the server or modify a portion of the website, or use or promote the use of programs developed or distributed for this purpose
10. Make any changes or deletions to any or all of the Company's posts or others' posts
11. Collect or store personal information of other members without the approval of the Company.
12. Use, distribute, promote or advertise any software or hardware that is unauthorized to participate in the game within the service without the Company's permission
13. Any act that alters the use of the service program provided by the Company and intent or plan to harm or intentionally interfere with the service
14. Reproduce the information obtained through this service for purposes other than the use of the service without the Company's prior consent, use it for publishing and broadcasting, or provide it to a third party
15. Use of service for illegal purposes, such as violating public order and good morals by transmitting, posting, e-mailing or otherwise distributing vulgar or obscene information, text, graphics, sound, video or pirated software
16. Violate any other terms or conditions of use set forth by the Company, including these Terms and Conditions, and violate any other applicable laws and regulations.

Article 14. Processing posts and items of deceased user
①Unless any other intention of the user, all contents held in the Afreeca TV account at the time of death of the user shall be attributed to the Company. In the case of contents containing the personal information of the user, the contents shall be proceeded according to the related laws, such as Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Networks Utilization and Information Protection etc.
②The user can choose to transfer the inheritable content from the Company during the period of use [via email to the service manager] at the time of the user's death, and if the transfer is desired, the user can specify the personal details of the transferee to be transferred.
③If the user specifies the content processing, the Company processes the contents according to the method if the user is deceased.

Chapter 4 Restriction, suspension, etc. of service

Article 15. Restriction, etc. of service
① The Company may restrict or suspend all or part of the service in the occurrence of any inevitable event such as war, natural disasters or similar national emergencies, or any unavoidable reasons such as the telecommunication service provider terminates the telecommunication service by the Telecommunications Business Act.
②Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the free service may be restricted or suspended in whole or in part for reasons such as the management policy of the Company and may be converted to a paid service.
③ The Company shall notify the user of the reasons and limitation period, effective date, and so forth without delay when limiting or suspending the use of the service and when switching the free service to a paid service.
④If the user has no history of using the service for one year from the date of last use, the Company may permanently delete the user information in accordance with Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Networks Utilization and Information Protection etc. However, if the user is possessing a purchased product, it will be excluded from the deletion. If it needs to be kept in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, the Company will hold information for a certain period of time as stipulated by related laws and regulations.
Article 16. Suspension of provision and restriction in using service
① The Company may cease providing all or part of the service if the user does not make a necessary payment regarding service for more than one month from the specified date.
② The Company may limit the use of the service of the user in whole or in part if the user falls under any of the following subparagraphs.

1. Not fulfilling each obligation under the provisions of Article 13 (3), (4) and (5)
2. Interfering with stable operation of service by transmitting a large amount of information
3. Constantly sending out advertising information and e-mails that are against the receiver's intentions
4. Distributing computer virus programs that cause malfunctions or destruction of information and communication facilities
5. Infringing the intellectual property rights of third parties
6. When the user is requested for restriction by the Broadcasting Communication Deliberation Committee
7. Illegally campaigning on authoritative interpretation by National Election Commission
8. Misusing another user's ID
9. Violating laws and regulations related to the Telecommunication Act

③ In the case of restricting the use of the user in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the specific criteria such as the type and period of the restriction shall be determined separately from the notice of the Company.
Article 17. Process for usage restriction and its mitigation
① When the Company intends to restrict the use by Article 15, the reason, the date and time and the period shall be determined and the relevant customer or representative shall be notified by telephone or e-mail until 7 days before the use limit. However, this is not the case when it is necessary to restrict the use urgently.
②A customer or a representative who has been notified of the restriction of use by the preceding paragraph may file an objection against the notification of restriction of use.
③ The Company will immediately terminate the use suspension if it is confirmed that the reason for suspension is settled during the suspension period.
④The Company shall extend the period of use of the paid product that the user is using by the period of suspension if the unauthorized act of the user proves that there is no intention or negligence.
Article 18. Termination and cancellation of service and withdrawal of subscription
①When a member wishes to terminate the contract, he/she may request termination at any time by applying for membership withdrawal on the homepage. However, within a certain period of time after new registration, immediate withdrawal may be restricted due to reasons such as the prevention of illegal use of service.
② The Company may prohibit or cancel the use with notification to the member in advance if a member uses any illegal or unauthorized program, violates the obligations of a member set forth in the Terms and Conditions, make broadcasts or posts that defame or insult others, and continue this behavior despite the request for removal.
③ In addition to the method used to sign the contract, the Company provides the following methods as a means of canceling the contract so that the member can smoothly terminate the contract.
Customer Center Tel: 1688-7022
Customer Center Fax: 031-622-8008
④ The Company shall reply to the customer without delay after receiving the notice of withdrawal or cancellation•termination of the subscription by the user. Replies may be made in one of the ways that the customer notices about the Company, and the Company may not respond if the customer has not notified the Company about the contact information.
⑤ Customers using paid services can withdraw from the service in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, please refer to the Terms of Paid Services.

Chapter 5. Compensation for damages

Article 19. Compensation for damages
① The Company shall not be liable for damages caused by the failure of free service, discontinuation of service, loss of stored data or deletion, alteration. However, any cases arising from intentional or grave error(gross negligence) by the Company are excluded.
② If the Company fails to provide services to its members due to reasons attributable to the Company, the Company shall compensate the paid service users according to the consumer dispute resolution standard notified by the Fair Trade Commission.
③ The Company shall compensate or indemnify the user for damages caused by defects, discontinuance or malfunction of the contents.
④The damages under Paragraph 3 shall be compensated in accordance with the “Guidelines for the Protection of Content Users”, and other compensation procedures shall be governed by the relevant laws and regulations.
Article 20. Exemption
① The Company shall not be liable for the failure of the user to obtain the benefits expected from the services provided by the Company.
② The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the user due to the data posted or transmitted by a third party.
③ The Company shall not be obligated to intervene in any dispute arising out of the use of the service between users or between a user and a third party for any damages resulting from such interference.

Chapter 6. Supplementary provisions

Article 21. Storage of data
The Company may set a certain period and capacity for data and materials provided by users according to the Company's announcement and service usage guidelines.
Article 22. Management of public posts, etc.
① The Company may take necessary measures for the establishment of a sound communication culture and effective service operation, such as deleting, moving, and refusing registration of public posts and materials corresponding to the following items. In this case, the Company does not bear any responsibility for the deletion of the post and materials.

1. Posts and materials that are believed to be related to acts that infringe on the legal interests of others, such as a request for deletion of an interested party, and has been requested by the stakeholder for deletion. And Posts and materials that offered reason be sued or under accusation on the company.
2. Posts and materials containing viruses that may harm the service
3. Any post or material exceeding the deadline and capacity set forth in Article 19 (In this case, the Company can give guidance on deletion, transfer, etc. to the user in advance).
4. Posts and materials that cause significant disruption to other users' use of the service
5. Postings and materials that have been requested for deletion by national organizations in accordance with the regulations related to Telecommunications Regulations and Criminal Relations Act

② The Company may temporarily suspend (stop transmission) a posting if it receives a request from a third party to cancel the posting due to defamation, infringement of intellectual property rights, etc. If there is a lawsuit, consensus or similar decision between the requester of the takedown and the registrant of the post, and the decision has been made by the related institution, the Company will follow.
③ In the event of a temporary takedown for any such posting, the member who registered the posting may request the Company to resume (resume the transfer), and if the posting is not requested within 30 days after the takedown date, the Company may delete it.
Article 23. Provision of information and posting of advertisement
① The Company may provide (or transmit) any information and advertisements that are deemed necessary to the user during the use of the service by banner placement, e-mail, SMS, telephone, mail, etc. However, customers may opt out if they do not want to do so, through the method the Company provides.
② In the case of customers who do not wish to receive notifications in accordance with the preceding provisory clause, the customer may be informed of the Terms and Conditions, personal information protection policy, and other important matters that may affect the interests of customers.
③ The Company shall not be liable for any loss or damages incurred as a result of the user's participation in the promotional activities of the advertiser or as a result of the transaction.
Article 24. Intellectual property rights
① The member shall be liable for legal consequences and consequences in the event of any dispute with a third party, such as copyright or personal rights, with respect to the content (all the materials uploaded by the member providing the service or using the service, such as video file, live cam shot, mobile recording video, posting on broadcasting station or bulletin board), and the Company expressly disclaims any liability with respect to such content.
② The Company does not allow infringement of copyright or intellectual property right through the service, and if a member is properly notified that the contents are perceived(deemed) as infringing the intellectual property rights of others, the Company may suspend or remove any of the content services. In addition, the Company reserves the right to delete, move or refuse to register without prior notice if the content of a member has a problem with the operation of the service.
③The copyright of the content of a member shall be retained by the original author, but shall be granted to be used by the Company or the person designated by the Company to use the content as provided in this agreement. The usage and method of the Company to use the content of a member are as following.

(i) Content provided by the member to service to be viewed by other users or members.
(ii) Content provided by a member to the service may be recorded/ edited/altered by the Company or other users to be made into new content and then viewed by other users of the Service, or provide them to affiliates of the Company so that they can be viewed.
(iii) After the Company has stored the content provided by the member in the service, it can be viewed by other users with the re-viewing service such as VOD, or by providing it to the affiliate of the Company the affiliate’s users will be able to view those through the streaming service or VOD.

④The conditions under which the Company, other users and affiliates of the Company set forth in Paragraph ③ of this article can use the content of a member are as follows.

(i) Content usage media/platform - contains all types of media, equipment, and technologies currently known or developed.
(ii) Use of Content - Does not distinguish between commercial and non-commercial use.
(iii) Content usage scope - reproduction, modification, adaptation, performance, exhibition, broadcasting, distribution, rental, public transmission, creation of derivative works, etc. in domestic or overseas.
(iv) Content terms of use - Non-exclusive, continuously transferable as free of charge, non-revocable, sublicensable.

⑤ Permission to use by a member in paragraph ③ of this article may be withdrawn from the Company in accordance with the rules set forth in a notice and User Guide.
Article 25. Jurisdiction and governing law
① In the event of a dispute with respect to the service, the dispute shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the District Court having jurisdiction over the user's address at the time of filing. However, if the address of the user is not available, the jurisdiction shall be of the district court of residence place having jurisdiction competence.
② If the address or place of residence of the user at the time of filing is unclear, the competent courts of the lawsuits relating to the contents use agreement between the Company and user are determined by the Civil Procedure Act.
③ In the case of paragraphs 1 and 2, the governing law shall be the laws of the State of California and applicable United States law.
Article 26. Consent on using data transmission technology
The Company may use technology to relay data between users for the transmission of data. By using these terms and conditions, the user agrees to permit others to relay your data through your device, such as a PC. Details of the transmission technology are posted on the user guide, and detailed agreement on the additional contents is provided through consent to the separate file transfer manager terms and conditions.
Addendum <May 7, 2002>
(Enforcement date) These Terms will be effective May 7, 2002.
Addendum <October 17, 2002>
(Enforcement date) These Terms will be effective Oct. 17, 2002.
Addendum <October 20, 2004>
(Enforcement date) These Terms will be effective Oct. 20, 2004.
Addendum <August 16, 2006>
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Addendum <August 2, 2007>
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Addendum <December 30, 2008>
(Enforcement date) These Terms will be effective Dec. 30, 2008.
Addendum <December 24, 2009>
(Enforcement date) These Terms will be effective Dec. 24, 2009.
Addendum <January 3, 2011>
(Enforcement date) These Terms will be effective Jan. 3, 2011.
Addendum <August 30, 2011>
Article 1 (Enforcement date) These Terms will be effective Aug. 30, 2011.
Article 2. As of October 2010, the location information manager and the person in charge will be designated as follows.
Addendum <October 6, 2011>
(Enforcement date) These Terms will be effective Oct. 6, 2011.
Addendum <July 11, 2012>
Article 1 (Enforcement date) These Terms will be effective Jul. 11, 2012.
Article 2. As of July 2012, the person in charge of personal information/ teenager/ location information will be designated as follows.
Addendum <January 14, 2013>
Article 1 (Enforcement date) These Terms will be effective Jan. 14, 2013.
Article 2. These Terms have been amended to comply with the Content User Protection Directive.
Addendum <July 11, 2013>
Article 1 (Enforcement date) These Terms will be effective Jul. 11, 2013.
Addendum <February 17, 2014>
Article 1 (Enforcement date) These Terms will be effective Feb. 17, 2014.
Addendum <September 15, 2014>
Article 1 (Enforcement date) These Terms will be effective Sep. 15, 2014.
Addendum <November 14, 2015>
Article 1 (Enforcement date) These Terms will be effective Nov. 14, 2015.
These Terms have been amended to comply with the Content User Protection Directive.
Addendum <December 15, 2015>
Article 1 (Enforcement date) These Terms will be effective Dec. 15, 2015.
Addendum <February 19, 2018>
Article 1 (Enforcement date) These Terms will be effective Feb. 19, 2018.
These Terms have been amended to comply with the Content User Protection Directive.
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